"To find and embrace the habitat to which we belong is, in the broadest sense, the foundation of peace and happiness. Long ago, the place of our first breath would become our home, simply from the natural connection of all living beings to that which nurtures and sustains them. All that was needed was right outside your shelter. Water, food, nature’s beauty and creative provender, culture, community and leisure. These are the elements of home. I remember from my young childhood what home is. With no sense of ownership I had deep connection to my family, the land, the sea, and natural beauty that brings tears to my eyes to this day. Walking the red earth road to the old wild Myrtle Beach over the creek with the eels, driving a cardboard box tank into the blackberries behind the house, finding sand dollars, this was home. The urge to create, from house carpentry to living costumes, is all part of a lifelong quest for home. As long as I am at peace in the present moment of creation, I am at home."

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